Contemporary Narrators

24 January, 2002

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(January- June 2002)

Series directed by Manuel Guerrero and Jordi Carrión, held from January 2002 to May 2003 at the Robafaves Bookshop in Mataró.
An initiative by ACM and Robafaves, in partnership with the Patronat Municipal de Cultura in Mataró and the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes.
The narrators were presented by renowned critics in the Robafaves bookshop once a month. The dynamics of these events were as follows: a) an introduction by a literary critic; b) reading a brief text by the author (story, etc.) c) conversation between the author and critic; d) debate among the public attending.

Juan Villoro / Mihály Dés (24 January 2002)
Miquel de Palol / Julià Guillamon (22 February 2002)
Jordi Coca / Jordi Malé (15 March 2002)
Javier Cercas / Jordi Gràcia (12 April 2002)
J. M. Fonalleras / Ponç Puigdevall (10 May 2002)
Rodrigo Fresan / Ignacio Echevarria (14 June 2002)