Opera aperta 9 artists / 9 books

23 October, 1998

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(October 1998 – June 1999)

Interventions in the Robafaves bookshop window in Mataró.

Series directed by Manuel Guerrero and inspired by the essay Opera aperta by Umberto Ecco, consisting of a public reading of a work of literature by an artist. The chosen artist selects a work of literature based on which he creates a work of art. Participants:

Domènec with the book entitled Malone Dies by Samuel Beckett presented by Carles Hac Mor.

Zush with the Psicomanualdigital CD Rom by Zush and Mubimedia, presented by Adrián Morales.

Perejaume with the book entitled Oïsme by Perejaume, presented by Carles Guerra.

Joan Brossa with the book entitled La memòria encesa by Joan Brossa, presented by Jaume Josa, Ramon Besora, Rosa Ma. Malet and Vicenç Altaió.

Benet Rossell with the book entitled Pas de Coro by Joaquim Sala-Sanahuja, presented by Antoni Angle.

Hannah Collins with the book entitled La desconeguda by Vicenç Altaió, presented by Frederic Amat.

Ignasi Aballí with the book entitled La vida manual d’ús. (novels) by Georges Perec, presented by Annie Bats.

Montserrat Soto with the book entitled Apories by Jacques Derrida, presented by Xavier Antich.

Jordi Cuyàs with the book entitled Poems by Samuel Beckett, presented by Víctor Sunyol.