Domènec. Not Here, Not Anywhere

20 June, 2018

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19 Apr. to 11 Sep. 2018


Plaça dels Àngels, 1 08001 Barcelona.

The exhibition “Domènec. Not Here, Not Anywhere” traces the development of this Catalan artist (Mataró, 1962) from the late 90s to the present, including new projects. Domènec’s research and critical essay stems from an awareness of the mistakes of the modern movement, which he materialises in the form of sculptures, installations, photographs, videos and interventions in the public space. His work is fundamentally about issues such as the distance between utopia and social reality; speculation on the public dimension of architecture and the ideological precepts that determine it; socio-historical mechanisms and how they are interfered with; and about what conditions memory and oblivion. Among the works exhibited at MACBA are Arquitectura Española, 1939–1975 (2014/2018), a catalogue of some of the public works built by Republican prisoners during the Franco regime, and Baladia Future City (2011–2015), that focuses on the Baladia City National Urban Training Center, popularly known as “Chicago,” a centre for military training located near the military base of Tze’elim, in the Negev desert in the south of Israel.

Curated by: Teresa Grandas.