Advertising, Interventions In Public Space (Manresa)

18 May, 2004

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(May 2004)

Exhibition to the streets of Manresa 18/5/2004 31/5/2004. Organization and Coordination: ACM, Museu Comarcal de Manresa, Patronat Municipal de Cultura de Mataró.

Art interventions on twenty-one billboards and bus shelters distributed around the town. Twenty artists from various places –Mataró, Seville, Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, Mexico, Colombia, France, Germany, Belgium, Thailand, Japan– took part in this project in an attempt to change the unidirectional messages of advertising and recoup these areas as places for reflection, doubt, critique, paradoxes a simple free beauty.

A project by Delícia Burset
Artists taking part: Carlos Amorales, Akané Asaoka, Kai-Annett Becker, Betty Bui, Minerva Cuevas, Santiago Cirugeda, Domènec, Fuera de Registro, Harald Fernagu, Vincent Emmanuel Guitter, Toni Giró, Rogelio Lopez-Cuenca, Josep M. Martín, Dani Montlleó, Nadín Ospina, Javier Peñafiel/Ludger Knepper, El Perro, Glòria Safont-Tria, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Erich Weiss.